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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NexceptionsList of all VMime exceptions
 NutilityUtility classes
 CaddressAbstract class representing a mailbox or a group of mailboxes
 CaddressListA list of addresses
 CattachmentBase class for all types of attachment
 CattachmentHelperRetrieve attachment information from message parts
 CbodyBody section of a MIME part
 CbodyPartA MIME part
 CcharsetCharset description (basic type)
 CcharsetConverterConvert between charsets
 CcharsetConverter_idnaA charset converter which can convert to and from Punycode (for IDNA)
 CcharsetConverterOptionsOptions for charset conversion
 CcomponentThis abstract class is the base class for all the components of a message
 CcontentDispositionContent disposition (basic type)
 CcontentDispositionFieldDescribes presentation information, as per RFC-2183
 CcontextHolds configuration parameters used either for parsing or generating messages
 CdatetimeDate and time (basic type)
 CdefaultAttachmentDefault implementation for attachments
 CdispositionDisposition - from RFC-3798 (basic type)
 CemailAddressAn email address: local name and domain name (basic type)
 CencodingContent encoding (basic type)
 CexceptionBase class for VMime exceptions
 CfileAttachmentAttachment of type 'file'
 CfileContentHandlerA content handler which obtains its data from a file
 CgenerationContextHolds configuration parameters used for generating messages
 CheaderHeader section of a MIME part
 CheaderFieldBase class for header fields
 CheaderFieldFactoryCreates header field and header field value objects
 CheaderFieldValueBase class for all classes that can be used as a value for a header field
 ChtmlTextPartText part of type 'text/html'
 CmailboxA mailbox: full name + email (basic type)
 CmailboxGroupA group of mailboxes (basic type)
 CmailboxListA list of mailboxes (basic type)
 CmediaTypeContent media type (basic type)
 CmessageA MIME message
 CmessageAttachmentAttachment of type message/rfc822
 CmessageBuilderA helper for building MIME messages
 CmessageIdMessage identifier (basic type)
 CmessageIdSequenceA list of message identifiers (basic type)
 CmessageParserA helper for parsing MIME messages
 CnoncopyableInherit from this class to indicate the subclass is not copyable, ie
 CobjectBase object for all objects in the library
 CparameterizedHeaderFieldA header field that can also contain parameters (name=value pairs)
 CparsingContextHolds configuration parameters used for parsing messages
 CpathA path: a local part + '@' + a domain
 CplainTextPartText part of type 'text/plain'
 CplatformAllow setting or getting the current platform handler
 CpropertySetManage a list of (name,value) pairs
 CrelayTrace information about a relay (basic type)
 CstreamContentHandlerA content handler which obtains its data from a stream
 CtextList of encoded-words, as defined in RFC-2047 (basic type)
 CtextPartGeneric text part
 CwordA class that encapsulates an encoded-word (RFC-2047): some text encoded into one specified charset
 CwordEncoderEncodes words following RFC-2047