no_such_mechanism Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 no_such_mechanism (const string &name, const exception &other=NO_EXCEPTION)
 ~no_such_mechanism () throw ()
exceptionclone () const
const char * name () const throw ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sasl_exception
 sasl_exception (const string &what, const exception &other=NO_EXCEPTION)
 ~sasl_exception () throw ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from authentication_exception
 authentication_exception (const string &what, const exception &other=NO_EXCEPTION)
 ~authentication_exception () throw ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from exception
 exception (const string &what, const exception &other=NO_EXCEPTION)
 exception (const exception &e)
virtual ~exception () throw ()
void chainException (const exception &other)
const exceptionother () const throw ()

Detailed Description

No mechanism is registered with the specified name.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

no_such_mechanism ( const string name,
const exception other = NO_EXCEPTION 
~no_such_mechanism ( )
throw (

Member Function Documentation

exception * clone ( ) const

Clone this object.

a new copy of this object

Reimplemented from sasl_exception.

References no_such_mechanism::no_such_mechanism().

const char * name ( ) const
throw (

Return a name identifying the exception.

exception name

Reimplemented from sasl_exception.

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