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Public Types

enum  Types { TYPE_FLAGS }

Public Member Functions

 messageChangedEvent (shared_ptr< folder > folder, const Types type, const std::vector< int > &nums)
shared_ptr< foldergetFolder () const
Types getType () const
const std::vector< int > & getNumbers () const
void dispatch (class messageChangedListener *listener)
const char * getClass () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from event
 event ()
virtual ~event ()

Static Public Attributes

static const char * EVENT_CLASS = "messageChangedEvent"

Additional Inherited Members

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 object ()
 object (const object &)
objectoperator= (const object &)
virtual ~object ()

Detailed Description

Event occuring on a message.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Types

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

messageChangedEvent ( shared_ptr< folder folder,
const Types  type,
const std::vector< int > &  nums 

Member Function Documentation

void dispatch ( class messageChangedListener listener)

Dispatch the event to the specified listener.

listenerlistener to notify

References messageChangedListener::messageChanged().

const char * getClass ( ) const

Implements event.

References messageChangedEvent::EVENT_CLASS.

shared_ptr< folder > getFolder ( ) const

Return the folder in which messages have changed.

folder in which message count changed
const std::vector< int > & getNumbers ( ) const

Return the numbers of the messages that have changed.

a list of message numbers
messageChangedEvent::Types getType ( ) const

Return the event type.

event type (see messageChangedEvent::Types)

Member Data Documentation

const char * EVENT_CLASS = "messageChangedEvent"

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