object Class Reference

Inherits enable_shared_from_this< object >.

Inherited by attachment, charsetConverter, charsetConverterOptions, component, contentHandler, context, htmlTextPart::embeddedObject, MDNInfos, connectionInfos, event, fetchAttributes, folder, folderAttributes, folderStatus, IMAPCommand, maildirFormat, maildirFormat::context, message, messagePart, messageRange, messageSet, messageStructure, POP3Command, POP3Connection, POP3Response, service, serviceFactory::registeredService, session, SMTPCommand, SMTPConnection, SMTPResponse, socket, socketFactory, timeoutHandler, timeoutHandlerFactory, TLSProperties, TLSSession, tracer, tracerFactory, platform::handler, propertySet, propertySet::property, authenticator, certificate, certificateChain, certificateVerifier, messageDigest, SASLContext, SASLMechanism, SASLMechanismFactory, SASLSession, textPart, childProcess, childProcessFactory, encoder, encoderFactory::registeredEncoder, file, fileIterator, fileReader, fileSystemFactory, fileWriter, path, stream, autoLock< M >, and criticalSection.

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Protected Member Functions

 object ()
 object (const object &)
objectoperator= (const object &)
virtual ~object ()

Detailed Description

Base object for all objects in the library.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

object ( )
object ( const object )
~object ( )

Member Function Documentation

object & operator= ( const object )

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