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Public Member Functions

 ~SASLSession ()
 SASLSession (const string &serviceName, shared_ptr< SASLContext > ctx, shared_ptr< authenticator > auth, shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > mech)
void init ()
shared_ptr< authenticatorgetAuthenticator ()
shared_ptr< SASLMechanismgetMechanism ()
shared_ptr< SASLContextgetContext ()
bool evaluateChallenge (const byte_t *challenge, const size_t challengeLen, byte_t **response, size_t *responseLen)
shared_ptr< net::socketgetSecuredSocket (shared_ptr< net::socket > sok)
const string getServiceName () const

Additional Inherited Members

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 object ()
 object (const object &)
objectoperator= (const object &)
virtual ~object ()

Detailed Description

An SASL client session.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SASLSession ( const string serviceName,
shared_ptr< SASLContext ctx,
shared_ptr< authenticator auth,
shared_ptr< SASLMechanism mech 

Construct a new SASL session.

serviceNamename of the service using this session
ctxSASL context
authauthenticator to use for this session
mechSASL mechanism

Member Function Documentation

bool evaluateChallenge ( const byte_t challenge,
const size_t  challengeLen,
byte_t **  response,
size_t responseLen 

Perform one step of SASL authentication.

Accept data from the server (challenge), process it and return data to be returned in response to the server.

If the challenge is empty (challengeLen == 0), the initial response is returned, if the mechanism has one.

challengechallenge sent from the server
challengeLenlength of challenge
responseresponse to send to the server (allocated by this function, free with delete[])
responseLenlength of response buffer
true if authentication terminated successfully, or false if the authentication process should continue
exceptions::sasl_exceptionif an error occured during authentication (in this case, the values in 'response' and 'responseLen' are undetermined)
shared_ptr< authenticator > getAuthenticator ( )

Return the authenticator used for this session.

This is the authenticator which has been previously set with a call to setAuthenticator().

authenticator object
shared_ptr< SASLContext > getContext ( )

Return the SASL context.

SASL context
shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > getMechanism ( )

Return the mechanism used for this session.

SASL mechanism
shared_ptr< net::socket > getSecuredSocket ( shared_ptr< net::socket sok)

Return a socket in which transmitted data is integrity and/or privacy protected, depending on the QOP (Quality of Protection) negotiated during the SASL authentication.

soksocket to wrap
secured socket
const string getServiceName ( ) const

Return the name of the service which is using this SASL session (eg.

"imap"). This value should be returned by the authenticator when INFO_SERVICE is requested.

service name
void init ( )

Initialize this SASL session.

This must be called before calling any other method on this object (except accessors).

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