SASLContext Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ~SASLContext ()
 SASLContext ()
shared_ptr< SASLSessioncreateSession (const string &serviceName, shared_ptr< authenticator > auth, shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > mech)
shared_ptr< SASLMechanismcreateMechanism (const string &name)
shared_ptr< SASLMechanismsuggestMechanism (const std::vector< shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > > &mechs)
void decodeB64 (const string &input, byte_t **output, size_t *outputLen)
const string encodeB64 (const byte_t *input, const size_t inputLen)

Additional Inherited Members

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 object ()
 object (const object &)
objectoperator= (const object &)
virtual ~object ()

Detailed Description

An SASL client context.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Construct and initialize a new SASL context.

Member Function Documentation

shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > createMechanism ( const string name)

Create an instance of an SASL mechanism.

namemechanism name
a new instance of the specified SASL mechanism
exceptions::no_such_mechanismif no mechanism is registered for the specified name

References SASLMechanismFactory::create(), and SASLMechanismFactory::getInstance().

shared_ptr< SASLSession > createSession ( const string serviceName,
shared_ptr< authenticator auth,
shared_ptr< SASLMechanism mech 

Create and initialize a new SASL session.

serviceNamename of the service which will use the session
authauthenticator object to use during the session
mechSASL mechanism
a new SASL session
void decodeB64 ( const string input,
byte_t **  output,
size_t outputLen 

Helper function for decoding Base64-encoded challenge.

inputinput buffer
outputoutput buffer
outputLenlength of output buffer

References encoderFactory::getInstance().

const string encodeB64 ( const byte_t input,
const size_t  inputLen 

Helper function for encoding challenge in Base64.

inputinput buffer
inputLenlength of input buffer
Base64-encoded challenge

References encoderFactory::getInstance().

shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > suggestMechanism ( const std::vector< shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > > &  mechs)

Suggests an SASL mechanism among a set of mechanisms supported by the server.

mechslist of mechanisms
suggested mechanism (usually the safest mechanism supported by both the client and the server)

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