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Public Member Functions

virtual void verify (shared_ptr< certificateChain > chain, const string &hostname)=0

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 object ()
 object (const object &)
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Detailed Description

Verify that a certificate path issued by a server can be trusted.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void verify ( shared_ptr< certificateChain chain,
const string hostname 
pure virtual

Verify that the specified certificate chain is trusted.

chaincertificate chain
hostnameserver hostname
unsupportedCertificateTypeExceptionif a certificate in the chain is of unsupported format
certificateExpiredExceptionif a certificate in the chain has expired
certificateNotYetValidExceptionif a certificate in the chain is not yet valid
certificateNotTrustedExceptionif a certificate in the chain cannot be verified against root and/or trusted certificates
certificateIssuerVerificationExceptionif a certificate in the chain cannot be verified against the next certificate (issuer)
serverIdentityExceptionif the subject name of the certificate does not match the hostname of the server

Implemented in defaultCertificateVerifier.

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