POP3Utils Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void parseMultiListOrUidlResponse (shared_ptr< POP3Response > response, std::map< int, string > &result)
static const std::vector< int > messageSetToNumberList (const messageSet &msgs)

Member Function Documentation

const std::vector< int > messageSetToNumberList ( const messageSet msgs)

Returns a list of message numbers given a message set.

msgsmessage set
list of message numbers

References messageSet::enumerate().

Referenced by POP3Folder::deleteMessages(), and POP3Folder::getMessages().

void parseMultiListOrUidlResponse ( shared_ptr< POP3Response response,
std::map< int, string > &  result 

Parse a response of type ([integer] [string]

This is used in LIST or UIDL commands:

C: UIDL S: +OK S: 1 whqtswO00WBw418f9t5JxYwZ S: 2 QhdPYR:00WBw1Ph7x7 S: .

responseraw response string as returned by the server
resultpoints to an associative array which maps a message number to its corresponding data (either UID or size)

Referenced by POP3Folder::fetchMessages().

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