SASLAuthenticator Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

virtual const std::vector
< shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > > 
getAcceptableMechanisms (const std::vector< shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > > &available, shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > suggested) const =0
virtual void setSASLSession (shared_ptr< SASLSession > sess)=0
virtual void setSASLMechanism (shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > mech)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from authenticator
virtual const string getUsername () const =0
virtual const string getPassword () const =0
virtual const string getHostname () const =0
virtual const string getAnonymousToken () const =0
virtual const string getServiceName () const =0
virtual void setService (shared_ptr< net::service > serv)=0

Additional Inherited Members

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 object ()
 object (const object &)
objectoperator= (const object &)
virtual ~object ()

Detailed Description

SASL-aware authenticator.

Usually, you should not inherit from this class, but instead from the more convenient defaultSASLAuthenticator class.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const std::vector<shared_ptr <SASLMechanism> > getAcceptableMechanisms ( const std::vector< shared_ptr< SASLMechanism > > &  available,
shared_ptr< SASLMechanism suggested 
) const
pure virtual

This method is called to allow the client to choose the authentication mechanisms that will be used.

By default, the most secure mechanisms are chosen.

availableavailable mechanisms
suggestedsuggested mechanism (or NULL if the system could not suggest a mechanism)
ordered list of mechanism to use among the available mechanisms (from the first to try to the last)

Implemented in defaultSASLAuthenticator.

virtual void setSASLMechanism ( shared_ptr< SASLMechanism mech)
pure virtual

Set the SASL mechanism which has been selected for the SASL authentication process.

This may be called several times if the multiple mechanisms are tried by the service which use this authentication.

mechSASL mechanism

Implemented in defaultSASLAuthenticator.

virtual void setSASLSession ( shared_ptr< SASLSession sess)
pure virtual

Set the SASL session which is using this authenticator.

sessSASL session

Implemented in defaultSASLAuthenticator.

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