Version 0.8.1 released

Version 0.8.1 is released: a lot of bugs fixed.

  • Imbue classic “C” locale for the output of message parts and protocol commands (thanks to Mörtsell Anders).
  • Renamed ‘vmime::platformDependant’ to ‘vmime::platform’. The old name has been kept for compatibility with previous versions.
  • SMTP: reissue EHLO command after a successful STARTTLS negociation.
  • Word Encoder: fixed bug #1096610 which caused encoding of a non-integral number of characters (and then, generation of incorrectly-formed words) with multi-bytes charsets.
  • Fixed bugs in MHTML code: ‘CID’ prefix should not be case-sensitive; fixed detection of parts identified by a ‘Content-Location’.
  • IMAP and Maildir: added vmime::net::folder::destroy() to delete folders.
  • Renamed ‘byte’ to ‘byte_t’ to fix compilation problems on Fedora core 5 (thanks to Rafael Fernandez).
  • IMAP: added a “relaxed” mode to IMAP parser to allow 8-bit characters where not allowed by the standard (thanks to Tim Teulings for having found the bug).
  • Added service::isSecuredConnection() and service::getConnectionInfos() to retrieve information about the connection.
  • Added support for attachments of type “message/rfc822”.
  • IMAP: implemented multi-fetching. Now using “FETCH x:y” instead of sending (y-x+1) “FETCH” requests.
  • POSIX sockets: use getaddrinfo() if available. This should bring thread-safe DNS resolution and IPv6 support.
  • IMAP: compatibility bugs + enhanced debugging trace.
  • Exception: fixed segfault in destructor when destroying an exception chain with more than 2 elements (thanks to Bertrand Benoit).
  • POSIX: fixed a bug in argument vector; last argument was not NULL (thanks to Bertrand Benoit).
  • Maildir: fixed problem with ‘:’ in filename on Windows platform (thanks to Benjamin Biron).
  • Utility: fixed buffer overrun in random::getString (thanks to Benjamin Biron).
  • SMTP: fixed bug in disconnect() when authentication is not needed (thanks to Benjamin Biron).
  • Utility: gmtime() and localtime() are reentrant when using MS C runtime library (MinGW/MSVC).

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