VMime Commercial License Terms

The VMime commercial license actually is the GNU Lesser GPL license version 3 with the following exceptions:

  • You may link, statically or dynamically, your application with VMime, and you may distribute the resulting combined work under terms of your choice, without any of the additional requirements listed in clause 6 of the GNU Lesser General Public License;
  • You must either 1) purchase a Single Developer License for each developer who uses VMime in your company, or 2) purchase a Five Developers License if you have at most 5 developers who use VMime in your company, or 3) purchase an Unlimited Developers License;
  • You may NOT relicense the VMime code to anyone.

This license does not require your application to be GPL-compatible (ie: you are NOT forced to release your source code under the GNU (L)GPL v3 license), nor to touch anything to your application or your license: you may link your proprietary application against VMime library without sharing your source code.

Commercial licenses:

  • Are royalty-free;
  • Remove any obligations to release your source code under the GNU GPL; however, any change made to the VMime codebase should be published and brought back to the community (as with the GNU Lesser GPL license);
  • Are perpetual and include all public upgrades that are released after the date of purchase, for lifetime;
  • Are on a per developer basis. In your company, each person who works on an application, module or user interface which makes use of one or more VMime components is considered a developer, and requires to purchase one commercial licence.

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